The Covaris g-TUBE is a single-use device that shears genomic DNA into selected fragments sizes ranging from 6 to 20 kb. The only equipment needed is a compatible bench-top centrifuge.
g-TUBE uses centrifugal force (the “g” in g-TUBE) to push the sample through a precisely manufactured orifice. Fragment size is selected by adjusting the centrifuge rotor speed which alters the flow rate through the orifice and thus the shearing forces.


Single-use device for shearing DNA into fragments ranging from 6 to 20 kb.

g-TUBE Prep Station

Prep station for loading the single-use g-TUBE.

Covaris g-TUBE Features and Benefits

VersatileIdeal for direct sequencing, mate-pair libraries, & other applications that require longer DNA fragments.
Selectable Fragment Sizeg-TUBE shears DNA in user-selectable fragment sizes ranging from 6 kb to20 kb.
Fast and ScalableShear 6 kb to 20 kb fragments in 2 minutes or less. Runs multiple samples simultaneously.
EfficientHigh sample recovery (90% +) with a closed vessel process
EconomicalUses an Eppendorf® (MiniSpin® plus) microcentrifuge – no other equipment needed

g-TUBE performance & applications

Load and Spin Design

Fig 1: The entire process takes only 3 minutes and up to 24 samples can be processed simultaneously with a high reproducibility.


Fig 2: 18 samples of 150 μl of Lambda DNA (50 μg/ml) were fragmented to 10kbp in an Eppendorf Minispin plus centrifuge (8000 rpm for 60 seconds for both cycles).

Selectable Fragment Size

Fig 3: 150 μl Lambda DNA fragmented in a g-TUBE with a selected fragment length:
Lane 1 - 6 kbp, Lane 2 - 8 kbp, Lane 3 - 10 kbp, Lane 4 - 20 kbp.

Fig 4: DNA shearing performance as seen on 0.5% agarose gel (upper insert) and on a 12k Agilent chip on a 2100 Bioanalyzer (lower insert). RPM values are for an Eppendorf MiniSpin plus centrifuge.