M220 Premium Onsite Plan

One year service plan for the M220 Focused-ultrasonicator.
Coverage for Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators includes:
  • Onsite preventative maintenance
  • Software upgrades
  • Emergency service
  • Technical support
  • Parts
  • Labor
  • All travel-related expenses (if required).
Includes Laptop and Water Conditioning System (WCS) where applicable
Preventative Maintenance (PM): Annual preventative maintenance inspections will be performed by a Covaris-certified field service engineer to ensure that the equipment meets or exceeds all manufacturer’s technical performance specifications. Preventative maintenance includes, but is not limited to, a full system inspection, diagnostics and system evaluation, cleaning, calibration, and installation of software upgrades.

Covaris Service Plan Comparison

The service plans provide you with trusted service by our highly-trained field service engineers for rapid response solutions.

Service Plan Benefits

Benefit 1

Under all plans, Water Conditioning System (WCS) units will be serviced onsite

Benefit 3

All costs for part replacement and repair fees including travel fees, shipping fees, etc. are included

Benefit 2

Enhancements to the software will be addressed in a timely fashion to assure your instrument is up-to-date

Benefit 4

Annual preventative maintenance to ensure equipment meets or exceeds manufacturer's technical performance specifications