ML230 Accessories

These Covaris certified accessories were developed for the ML230 Focused-ultrasonicator. These accessories that were created to support your workflow. Accessories differ based on the specific use, protocol and workflow. Learn more about the ML230 Focused-ultrasonicator accessories below.

ML230 Rack 6-place AFA-TUBE PP Screw-Cap 0.5 ml

For use with the ML230 Focused-ultrasonicator, 6-place rack for 0.5ml PP tubes.

ML230 Rack 8 microTUBE Strip 50

Rack to be used with the 8 microTUBE-50 AFA Fiber H Slit Strip V2 (PN 520240) on the ML230 Focused-ultrasonicator.

ML230 Rack 8 AFA-TUBE TPX Strip

Rack to be used with the 8 AFA-TUBE TPX Strip (PN 520292) and 8 AFA-TUBE TPX Strip Caps (PN 500639).