E220 Accessories

E220 accessories are Covaris certified and developed for use with the E220 Focused-ultrasonicator. These accessories work with the E220 Focused-ultrasonicator to enable multi-sample batch preparation, capable of processing a wide range of sample types and volumes. A variety of racks and kits were designed to support your workflows. Learn more about the accessories for the E220 Focused-ultrasonicator below.

Rack 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2

This rack is designed for use with E-Series instruments and can hold 12 of our 8 microTUBE Strip V2s.

Rack 96 Place microTUBE

This rack can hold up to 96 microTUBEs. It is for use with the E220 Focused-ultrasonicator.

Rack 24 Place microTUBE Screw-Cap

This rack has a 24 microTUBE Screw-Cap capacity. It can be used with E-Series instruments.

Rack 24 Place milliTUBE 1ml

This rack is able to hold 24 of an array of our milliTUBE 1ml consumables.

Rack 12 Place 12x24mm Tube

Developed for 12x24mm tubes, this rack can hold 12 tubes.

Rack 24 Place 15x19ml Tube

This rack is capable of holding 24 15x19ml tubes. It is used with an E-Series instrument and an E-Series intensifier.