Sample Prep and Nucleic Acid Shearing

Sample preparation and nucleic acid shearing using Covaris’ AFA-energetics®

Scientists choose Covaris Laboratory Services for NGS sample preparation and nucleic acid shearing for several reasons including increased throughput, technology evaluation prior to purchasing, and urgency of prepped sample needs.

Nucleic Acid Shearing Service

Why choose Covaris Laboratory services?
  • Project work – you may prefer to immediately use the Covaris Services rather than purchase an instrument based on project timing.
  • Increased throughput – customers with a single-tube Focused-ultrasonicator (S-Series or M-Series) will use our DNA/RNA Shearing and FFPE Extraction Service when a project requires a higher throughput.
  • Evaluation – sometimes customers want to evaluate the Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology with their samples before purchasing an AFA system.
Benefits of sending your samples to Covaris for processing include:
  • Reproducible, narrow size distribution
  • Non-contact, closed tube–no chance of cross contamination
  • Isothermal, high recovery process
  • Compatible & validated with ALL Next-gen sequencing platforms—SOLiD/Ion Torrent, Roche/454, Illumina/HiSeq to MiSeq

How it Works

  • Contact [email protected] to discuss your specific product needs and establish an agreement.
  • Covaris will send you an order form with the appropriate protocol to follow, and the required number of sample processing tubes, for preparing and shipping your samples to Covaris.
  • Covaris will process the samples according to the base-pair range specified by the customer. Prepared samples are returned to the customer, with electropherogram confirmation if requested.
For more information, including prices, contact us