AFA® Process Vessels

AFA Process Vessels enable efficient, high power, and low temperature processing of Formulations and Drug Delivery Systems in AFA Focused-ultrasonicators. Unprecedented control and maintenance of low sample temperatures during processing ensures sensitive API maintains maximum bioactivity during the production of liposome, nanoemulsion, or nanoparticle formulations. Sample temperatures are constantly monitored in real time with in-line temperature sensors.

Tube & Cap 16 x 100 mm

Pharmaceutical grade borosilicate, hardened glass.
  • Insert materials: Teflon septa, glass (AFA-grade)
  • Range of sizes from 1 to 18 mL

AFA Batch Vessels High Power: AFA Stainless Steel

Pharmaceutical grade 316 stainless steel.
  • 0.3 and 2.0 mL batch volumes
  • First step for scalability studies

AFA Batch Vessels

22 ml: AFA-Liposome formation
2 ml: PLGA AFA-Nanoparticle formation
AFA-Nanoemulsion formation
High heat flux exchanger with Dean vortex cooling design
  • Control sample temperatures from 4 to 40° C
  • 316 Stainless wetted surfaces

AFA Process Vessel Compatibility Guide

AFA Process Vessel Features and Benefits

Reproducible product specificationAutomated, computer controlled processing
100% RecoveryFormulate with limited material with no waste
Non-contactEliminates risk of contamination
Scalable100 µl to continuous process flow with PAT feedback
“Temperature-tunable” process“Temperature-tunable” process

Unique Constructs and Intravenous Preparations

Fig 1: 12 ml of ibuprofen before and after 5 minutes

Unique Constructs and Intravenous Preparations

Fig 2: Size distribution by volume

Fig 3: Size distribution by time

Fig 4: AFA Flow Vessels: Continuous Flow Scale