The Covaris milliTUBE is specifically designed and engineered for compatibility with Focused-ultrasonicators utilizing AFA® technology and large sample volumes. The milliTUBE is ideally suited for AFA in large volumes for applications such as Chromatin Shearing for ChIP and Cell-free DNA extraction from plasma.

milliTUBE 1 ml

12x12 mm tube with PTFE seal cap (Volume 1 ml). Rated for 1 MHz, 150W PIP.

milliTUBE 2 ml

12x24 mm tube with PTFE seal cap (Volume 2 ml). Rated for 1 MHz, 150W PIP.

milliTUBE 1 ml AFA Fiber

12x12mm tube with AFA Fiber ; PTFE seal cap (volume 1ml).; Rated for 1MHz, 150W PIP.




milliTUBE performance & applications

milliTUBE for cfDNA Extraction

Determining the Integrity of cfDNA by Capillary Electrophoresis, the figure below shows an example of cfDNA that was isolated from plasma prepared from whole blood collected into Streck BCT. The electropherogram shows the expected mono-nucleosomal fraction (peak at 165 bp, as well as di- and tri-nucleosomal fractions (340 to 520 bp).

Figure 1: A 4 µl aliquot of the total cfDNA eluate (50 µl) was analyzed on a Fragment Analyzer (Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc., Ankeny, IA) using the High Sensitivity NGS Fragment Analysis Kit (PN DNF-474-0500). Injection time was 90 seconds.