Other truXTRAC® Kits

Covaris has developed a series of truXTRAC kits to support biomolecule extraction. Powered by AFA-energetics®, the truXTRAC extraction kits enable high quality extractions from a range of sample input types. While the FFPE kits are our most widely known, other truXTRAC kits are available for cfDNA extraction, DBS extraction and extraction from MALDI-TOF Mycobacteria.

truXTRAC cfDNA Kit – Magnetic Bead

Kit optimized for extracting high-yield nucleic acids from cfDNA samples powered by AFA.


Reagents and consumables required for the high yield and high quality DNA extraction and column-based purification of 25 DBS samples.

truXTRAC MALDI-TOF Mycobacteria Starter Kit (M220)

Kit for extracting nucleic acids from MALDI-TOF Mycobacteria powered by AFA.

truXTRAC cfDNA Workflow

“Using 200 μL plasma input I saw -10x increase in yield with the Covaris kit vs a competitor. Having never run this kit or instrument before, I found both to be very straightforward and easy to use with clear protocols. My experience with truXTRAC cfDNA isolation has been very positive.”

Top Pharmaceutical Company

truXTRAC DBS Workflow:

truXTRAC cfDNA performance

Higher cfDNA Yields using truXTRAC cfDNA