SonoLab Software is used to control Covaris’ Focused-ultrasonicator instruments allowing millisecond timing control of the focused acoustics. Keep your R230 Instrument up-to-date with the latest software releases.

Latest SonoLab Releases

If you want to install a software update on your Covaris computer, please download the latest SonoLab release and follow the procedure described in the most recent R230 User Manual.
R230: SonoLab 10.0.1
Read the User Release Notes for SonoLab 10.0 for more information on this version of SonoLab.
Contact Technical Support at [email protected] for installation support, rack definitions and computer support.

Plate Definitions


Please download the R230 Plate Definition Installer to install the latest plate definitions for the R230. This file will add new plate definitions corresponding to the latest Covaris consumables.