CP02 Accessories

These Covaris certified accessories were uniquely developed for use with the CP02 cryoPREP Automated Dry Pulverizer. An array of racks, adapters and other tools were specially developed to support automated dry pulverization. Our CP02 cryoPREP Automated Dry Pulverizer accessories are designed to help you transition your samples to the next steps in your workflows or one of our Focused-ultrasonicators. Learn more about our CP02 cryoPREP Automated Dry Pulverizer Accessories below.

Rack 10 Place tissueTUBE TT05

Sample collection rack for 10 tissueTUBE TT05s that is designed for immersion into liquid nitrogen or dry ice bath.

tissueTUBE TT05M cryoADAPTER

This cryoADAPTER is a threaded adapter for use with the 2 ml cryogenic vial and tissueTUBE TT05M.

tissueTUBE TT1 Adapter 13x65mm (25)

This adapter is designed for use with the tissueTUBE TT1 and 13x65mm or 15x19mm tubes.

tissueTUBE TT05 Insertion Tool

This cryoPREP tissueTUBE TT05 insertion tool is designed for use with the tissueTUBETT05 and the tissueTUBE TT05 ExtraThick.

Holder tissueUBE TT1 & tissueTUBE Extra Thick

This holder is specially designed to hold the tissueTUBE TT1 and the tissueTUBE Extra Thick.

tissueTUBE TT05 Cold Station

A station to help prepare the TT1 tissueTUBE for use with the CP02 cryoPREP Dry Pulverizer.