CP02 cryoPREP Automated Dry Pulverizer (220V)

  • Treatment Power: NA
  • Sample Processing Capacity: Mass range 15 mg to 1 g
  • NGS Sample Volumes: NA

The CP02 cryoPREP® Automated Dry Pulverizer uses a calibrated and controlled mechanical force to cryofracture flash-frozen tissues within a mass range of 15 mg to 2 g. The dry pulverization process disrupts the extra-cellular tissue matrix and increases the tissue surface area, thus improving the extraction efficiency of biomolecules, while minimizing sample loss during the process. The increased surface area reduces the distance a stabilizing extraction buffer need to diffuse during subsequent lysis steps.

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More Information
Technical SpecificationDescription
Primary Applicationscryofracturing flash-frozen samples
Treatment PowerNA
Part Number500000
Power Requirements200-240 VAC 300 VA, 50-60Hz
SafetyComplies with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. Certified to IEC/EN/UL 61010-1:2004 “Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use, Part1: General Requirements
Regulatory LabelingCE, ETL Mark (for Product Safety), WEEE
Sample Processing CapacityMass range 15 mg to 1 g
NGS Sample VolumesNA
Recommended Batch SizeNA
Covaris ConsumablestissueTUBE TT05, tissueTUBE TT1, tissueTUBE TT2, tissueTUBE TT3
Upgrade PotentialNo
Associated Accessories cryoPREP accessories Page

Key Features

  • Dry Pulverization
  • Automated Process
  • Non-contact Process


  • Stable and labile moieties are preserved
  • Highly reproducible
  • No cross contamination or cleanup required

Quick Guide:

Tissue processing with the CP02 cryoPREP® Automated Dry Pulverizer


Automated cryoPREP® System User Manual

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