CP02 High Tissue Mass Starter Kit

  • Sample Type: High Mass Tissue
  • Application: Biomarker Extraction, Tissue Pulverization

CP02 cryoPREP® starter kit for tissues with high mass, 50 mg to 2 g.

Kit includes Holder tissueTUBE TT1 & tissueTUBE Extra Thick, Holder tissueTUBE TT2, tissueTUBE TT1 Plug (25), tissueTUBE TT1 Extra Thick (25), tissueTUBE TT2 (25), tissueTUBE TT2 Plug (25), Tube & Cap 16x100mm (25), and Tube & Cap Teflon Septa 20x125mm (25)

More Information
Technical SpecificationDescription
Part Number500496
Samples per kit25
Sample TypeHigh Mass Tissue
ApplicationBiomarker Extraction, Tissue Pulverization
Instrument CompatibilityCP02 cryoPREP®