SonoLab Software

Software for Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators
SonoLab Software is used to control Covaris’ Focused-ultrasonicator instruments allowing millisecond timing control of the focused acoustics. The proprietary software provides a user interface for manual control of the instrument, as well as an “integration interface” and an API for automation integration.

Method editing made easy for your application

Detailed History logs for each method run

Instrument scheduled set-up available for degas and chiller

SonoLab Version Attributes

Ensure your instrument has the latest SonoLab version for optimal instrument performance.

SonoLab Instrument Compatibility

Please note, SonoLab is designed to be compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows 10. The first two numbers in the software name (e.g., 10.0) are to specify the edition and the third number indicates the software version (e.g., 10.0.1).

For any other compatibility related questions or for discontinued product downloads, please contact [email protected]


AFA treatments consist of very high frequency acoustic signals occurring in a series of
“bursts” with each burst followed by a zero power state, as illustrated below.

Treatments are defined by the following parameters:

Cycles per Burst – the number of acoustic oscillations contained in each burst.

The illustration shows five cycles in each burst.

Duty Factor – the percentage of active burst time in the acoustic treatment. The
illustration shows a Duty Factor of 20%.

Peak Incident Power – the power, in Watts, being emitted from the transducer
during each burst.

Average Incident Power - Peak Incident Power multiplied by the Duty Factor.

In SonoLab 5 or later, Intensity has been replaced by Peak Incident Power (PIP) to better represent acoustic treatment conditions. In the S2 and E210 instruments, Intensity served as a dimensionless proxy for the power emitted from the transducer during each acoustic burst, with Intensity 10 being equivalent to approximately 350 Watts of Peak Incident Power. New generation instruments operating under SonoLab 5, 6, 7, and 8 are capable of delivering up to 500 Watts of Peak Incident Power (depending on the instrument). Rather than to invent a new dimensionless scale, Covaris chose, in SonoLab 7, to specify Peak Incident Power in true Watts.