CP03 cryoPREP Manual Dry Pulverizer

  • Treatment Power: NA
  • Sample Processing Capacity: Mass range 2 to 10 g
  • NGS Sample Volumes: NA

The CP03 cryoPREP® Manual Dry Pulverizer allows operators to deliver a controlled mechanical force to cryofracture flash-frozen tissues within a mass range of 2 to 10 g. The dry pulverization process disrupts the extra-cellular tissue matrix and increases the tissue surface area, thus improving the extraction efficiency of biomolecules. The increased surface area reduces the distance a stabilizing extraction buffer need to diffuse during subsequent lysis steps.

More Information
Technical Specification Description
Primary Applications cryofracturing flash-frozen samples
Treatment Power NA
Part Number 500049
Power Requirements NA
Operating Environment NA
Operating Temperature NA
Safety NA
Regulatory Labeling NA
SonoLab Version NA
Operating System NA
Chiller NA
Sample Processing Capacity Mass range 2 to 10 g
NGS Sample Volumes NA
Recommended Batch Size NA
Covaris Consumables tissueTUBE TT05, tissueTUBE TT1, tissueTUBE TT2, tissueTUBE TT3
Upgrade Potential No
Associated Accessories CP03 cryoPREP Dry Pulverization Accessories

Key Features

  • Dry Pulverization
  • Non-contact Process


  • Stable and labile moieties are preserved
  • Highly reproducible
  • No cross contamination or cleanup required

Tissue Extraction Workflows for Clinical Applications Using cryoPREP® Dry Pulverization


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