What’s New

Applications and Solutions

DNA/RNA Shearing For NGS
Mechanical DNA/RNA shearing for reproducible results without GC bias or thermal damage powered by AFA.

Reproducible shearing of chromatin from cultured mammalian cells, FFPE, tissues and more powered by AFA.

Increased throughput and data reproducibility for protein extraction from diverse samples powered by AFA.

Cell Lysis
Gently disrupt mammalian cell membranes and abruptly disrupt bacterial cell walls using highly tunable AFA.

Drug formulation and delivery systems powered by AFA for faster processing times and improved reproducibility.

FFPE Extraction
Extract high-quality DNA, RNA and Proteins from FFPE tissue samples using AFA-energetics.

Automated sample preparation solutions for high-throughput biology including instrumentation, consumables, software integrations and more.

Custom Services

Covaris is happy to provide scientists with custom services for biomolecule extraction from FFPE samples, DNA/ RNA shearing for NGS, and other custom development projects powered by AFA-energetics.