FFPE Extraction Service

High performance extraction from FFPE samples

With truXTRAC® FFPE, Covaris has developed a solution utilizing AFA® technology for the high efficiency extraction of nucleic acids from FFPE tissues. Send us your FFPE samples today!

truXTRAC FFPE Nucleic Acid Extraction

Covaris FFPE extraction with truXTRAC enables:
  • Superior extraction for low mass inputs from slides and cores
  • Hands-free paraffin removal – no organic solvents required
  • Extraction of longer RNA with high DV200 scores – detect rare fusion events
  • Reduced variability with a simplified and standardized workflow
  • Semi-automated, high throughput processing
Send your FFPE samples to Covaris for extraction in our lab to see the high yield and improved quality of the extracted biomolecules first hand.

How it Works

  • Covaris will send you the required number of sample processing tubes.
  • Customers place their samples in the tubes and send them to Covaris.
  • Covaris will process the FFPE samples in our lab and send the extracted biomolecules back,, with electropherogram confirmation if requested.
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The protocols are optimized for sections up to 25 µm in thickness and cores up to 1.2 mm in diameter.

Yes, our Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics technology® (AFA®) allows for active paraffin removal in aqueous buffer, compared to the less efficient passive paraffin removal, which uses organic solvents.

FFPE sections mounted on slides, scrolls or cores are compatible with the truXTRAC FFPE protocols.