Protein Extraction Buffers

Covaris lysis and protein extraction buffers improve protein yields and sample complexity from cells and tissues processed with AFA® Focused-ultrasonicators and cryoPREP® Dry Pulverizer systems. The AFA optimized reagents enhance protein extraction in native or denaturing buffers compatible with your downstream analytical technique.

Covaris Buffer Selection Guide

truXTRAC Protein Extraction Buffer N

Physiological tris-based buffer for the extraction of proteins in their native conformation.

truXTRAC Protein Extraction Buffer SuperB

Enhanced native protein extraction buffer for ELISAs and immunoassays. Optimized for native applications preserving protein conformation and biological activity.

truXTRAC Protein Extraction Buffer DF

Efficient detergent-free protein extraction buffer compatible with multiple downstream analysis methods.

truXTRAC Protein Extraction Buffer TP

Maximizes total protein yields from cells and tissues with an optimized urea, thiourea, and a zwitterionic detergent.

truXTRAC Proteins - Tissue Lysis Buffer

Lysis buffer for AFA mediated extraction of proteins from FFPE tissue, fresh/frozen tissue, cells and other sample types.