Adaptive Focused Acoustics®(AFA®) for Cell Lysis

Cell lysis methods differ greatly depending on the species the cells are derived from. Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics®(AFA®) is unique in its ability to control the amount of energy delivered to samples making it ideal for sonication cell lysis workflows.

Robust extraction workflow solutions for cells lysis Powered by AFA®

Covaris AFA technology delivers highly tunable energy through Focused-ultrasonicator instruments. By controlling the dosage of acoustic energy delivered, it is possible to gently disrupt the cell membranes of mammalian cells (e.g., GPCR assays), or abruptly disrupt the cell walls of bacteria (e.g., total protein extraction). AFA provides the flexibility to homogenize cells and efficiently extract proteins, RNA, DNA, Metabolites, or other targets in buffers optimized for downstream analytical methods.

Downstream Multiomics Workflows:

Covaris Cell Lysis Workflows

A. Direct cell lysis


B. Dry tissue pulverization extraction workflow using cryoPREP and AFA