Other Accessories

These Covaris certified accessories work with a variety of our instruments and consumables. This assortment of products includes everything from prep stations to heat blocks, stands to tools for cap crimping. With a diverse range of applications, these accessories can support your workflows. Learn more about our Other Accessories below.

8 microTUBE Strip Prep Station

The prep station was designed to hold an 8 microTUBE Strip.,

Cap Press Tool 8 microTUBE Strip V2

Designed to press Cap Strip on the 8 microTUBE-130 Uncapped Strip. It is required for the truXTRAC 8 microTUBE Strip workflow.

Centrifuge 8 microTUBE Strip V2 Adapter (2)

Centrifuge adapter for use with the 8 microTUBE Strip V2.


Manual crimper for use with any of our crimp-cap tubes.


Manual decrimper for use with any of our crimp-cap tubes

Heat Block 8 microTUBE Strip V2

This heat block is designed for the 8 microTUBE Strip V2.