About Covaris

Covaris manufactures advanced sample preparation tools based on a unique technology platform. Our goal is to empower customers to make new discoveries, develop new assays and improve bioanalytical results.


Covaris is founded as a privately held technology company, providing tools and technologies to improve pre-analytical sample preparation. Headquarters are established in Woburn, Massachusetts.


To support high throughput extraction of herbicides and pesticides from plant tissue, the first plate-based Focused-ultrasonicator is developed for Paradigm Genetics.


To enable high quality extraction of mRNA from mammalian tissues, the first dry tissue cryopulverizing system (the cryoPREP and the tissueTUBE) is developed for Merck.

At this time, the S2 Focused-ultrasonicator is also developed for single tube, large mass sample processing.


Small molecule drug dissolution for compound management and high-throughput screening is developed on the S and E series at GlaxoSmithKline.

Simultaneously, protocols for small molecule drug extraction for ADMEtox and DMPK are produced for GlaxoSmithKline.


AFA is discovered as the optimal technology for tunable and reproducible DNA and RNA shearing for NGS library preparation during the development of an efficient bead de-clumping solution with Applied Biosciences (currently Thermo Fisher Scientific).


High-throughput, unbiased, random DNA fragmentation is developed for the Broad and Wellcome Sanger Institutes resulting in the creation of the engineered glass 96 microTUBE plate.


Covaris wins the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening New Product of the year award for the LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator. Clinical NGS labs such as Foundation Medicine and Invitae begin adopting the LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator into their workflows.


To address the growth of low- to mid-throughput NGS labs, the M-series is created.


The first Covaris reagent is designed specifically to take advantage of the benefits of AFA-energetics® –the truChIP® Kit for epigenomics.


Covaris Ltd is established as the new European office for Covaris, based in Brighton, UK to directly serve all of our customers and users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


To enable 24/7, hands off processing, clinical NGS DNA shearing, the LE220R-plus Focused-ultrasonicator is developed for ARUP Laboratories


The first clinically validated, fully automated FFPE extraction platform using truXTRAC FFPE reagent and LE220R-plus Focused-ultrasonicator is developed with OmniSeq


To address the need for simultaneous processing of up to 8 samples for labile and thermal sensitive biomolecule extraction, the ML230 Focused-ultrasonicator is developed.

Covaris continues to make developments in pre-analytical sample preparation technologies to help accelerate the pace of research and drug discovery. Applications include faster automated DNA fragmentation, cell lysis, mixing, bead mixing and resuspension, and compound formulation.

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