CP02 Low Tissue Mass Starter Kit

  • Sample Volume: 1 ml
  • Sample Type: Low Mass Tissue
  • Application: Biomarker Extraction, Tissue Pulverization

CP02 cryoPREP® starter kit for tissues with low mass, 15 to 500 mg.

The maximum sample volume in the TT1 is 500mg. The minimum sample volume for the TT05 is 15mg.

Kit contains:

500095 Holder tissueTUBE TT1 & tissueTUBE Extra Thick

500159 tissueTUBE TT1 Insertion Tool

500231 tissueTUBE TT05 Insertion Tool

520006 tissueTUBE TT1 Plug (25)

520007 tissueTUBE TT1 Extra Thick (25)

520135 milliTUBE 1 ml AFA Fiber (24)

520140 tissueTUBE Extra Thick TT05M XT (25)

520142 tissueTUBE TT1 - milliTUBE Adapter (25)

520141 tissueTUBE TT05M Plug (25)

More Information
Technical SpecificationDescription
Part Number500498
Sample Volume1 ml
Samples per kit25
Sample TypeLow Mass Tissue
ApplicationBiomarker Extraction, Tissue Pulverization
Instrument CompatibilityCP02 cryoPREP®

Automated cryoPREP® System User Manual

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