truXTRAC FFPE total NA Plus 384 Kit - Magnetic Bead

  • Sample Volume: 500 μl
  • Sample Type: FFPE
  • Application: FFPE Extraction

Large volume Reagent Kit to allow customers to isolate both DNA and RNA from 384 FFPE tissue samples. Optimized to work with standard FFPE inputs: FFPE slide sections up to a total of 25 µm in total material thickness (from a 10 mm2 area), scrolls/curls up to 20 µm in total material thickness, and one core up to 1.4 mm in diameter.

More Information
Technical SpecificationDescription
Part Number520265
Sample Volume500 μl
Samples per kit384
Sample TypeFFPE
ApplicationFFPE Extraction
Instrument CompatibilityLE220-plus, LE220R-plus, E220evo