truXTRAC FFPE Total NA Auto 96 Accessory Kit

  • Sample Type: FFPE Tissue

This kit contains the accessories required for the extraction and purification of DNA and RNA from 96 FFPE tissue samples on an automated platform. Reagent and consumable kit sold separately.

Kit contains:

  • PSU Rack R & L-Series 96 Shuttle
  • Heat Block 96 Dual (2)
  • Automation Downholder Universal v2
  • Sponge Station
  • Sponge Flat (10)
  • truTUBE Screw-Cap Prep Station
  • Shuttle Weight
  • Nest - Shuttle Weight

For a fully integrated workflow, you will need the following instruments and reagents:

  • truXTRAC FFPE Total NA Auto 96 Kit
  • Covaris R- or L-Series Focused-ultrasonicator
  • Liquid Handler including reagent trays and pipette tips
  • Automated Decapper for 96 Format SBS Racks
  • Automation-compatible centrifuge for SBS Racks (e.g., Hettich...)
  • 2 Liquid Handler Dry Block Heaters (e.g., Q-instruments)
  • Nuclease-free water, ethanol, and isopropanol

More Information
Technical SpecificationDescription
Part Number500746
Sample TypeFFPE Tissue
Instrument CompatibilityLE220-plus, LE220R-plus, LE220Rsc, R230