truCOLLECT® System

truCOLLECT is the advanced blood collection, stabilization, and storage system with active DNA extraction using Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®). The system is convenient and simplified, using only 80 µl of blood at the time of collection and removing the need for costly and complex cold chain logistics. truCOLLECT preserves your sample integrity through active dry-stabilization, maintaining the true biology of your sample and enabling high-yield and high-quality DNA extraction.

truCOLLECT-plus Stabilization & Transport Kit (10)

Optimized for up to 80 ul of whole blood. Contains ten truCOLLECT-plus caps/swabs with barcode and desiccant/storage container with tamper-evident indicator.

truXTRAC DNA Kit for truCOLLECT-plus – Column (10)

Kit contains reagents and consumables required for DNA extraction and column-based purification from ten (10) truCOLLECT-plus caps/swabs with dry-stabilized whole blood.

truXTRAC DNA Kit for truCOLLECT-plus – Magnetic Bead (10)

Kit contains reagents and consumables required for DNA extraction and magnetic bead-based purification from ten (10) truCOLLECT-plus caps/swabs with dry-stabilized whole blood.
Watch this video to see how easy it is to load the truCOLLECT-plus swab

truCOLLECT Workflow


  • Acquire sample through finger-prick or venipuncture.
  • Transfer sample to the truCOLLECT Collection and Storage device.
  • The fiber is permanently attached to a barcoded cap and the identifier is maintained throughout the sample processing workflow.
  • The truCOLLECT fiber is designed for stabilization of fluidic biological samples including whole blood.


  • The truCOLLECT cap with fiber is inserted into the desiccant container for efficient dry-stabilization, independent of the sample collection environmental conditions.
  • The sealed container allows for consistent dry-stabilization, and prevents sample-to-sample, and environment-to-sample contamination.
  • The plastic design and construction ensures robust shipping conditions.


  • The desiccant container with the dry-stabilized blood sample is ready for ambient temperature shipping via regular mail, courier, or express mail.
  • The sealed container can also be used for storing the dry-stabilized blood for long-term storage in specially designed containers.


  • Utilizing Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology and optimized reagents, dry-stabilized blood in the truCOLLECT device is actively re-hydrated and cells are lysed to release the DNA.
  • Efficient biomarker extraction with AFA is comparable to dried blood spot and fresh whole blood samples.

Whole Genome Coverage Depth Comparable to Fresh Blood

Whole genome sequencing coverage depth obtained from truCOLLECT extracted DNA is comparable to the coverage depth obtained from DNA extracted from fresh blood. Analysis indicates greater number of reads sequenced at over the desired 10X coverage with the truCOLLECT extracted DNA. (