cryoPREP Consumables


The t-PREP System is specifically engineered for rapidly processing small tissue samples in the 1-10 mg mass range. The t-PREP System integrates the entire sample collection, cryopreservation, storage, cryofracture, and homogenization for the controlled the extraction of biomolecules in a single vessel providing several benefits; increased yield, reduced workflow time, isothermal processing, and no sample loss.

t-PREP Impactor

Manual Cryoprep Impactor specifically designed for use with the t-PREP devices. Delivers a 1.3 J force to t-PREP to cryofracture tissue samples

Holder t-PREP

Holder for t-PREP Device (product 520097) for the S-Series Focused-ultrasonicators.

t-PREP Biomarker Extractions System Starter Kit

t-PREP starter kit designed for biomarker extraction from small 10 mg and labile tissue samples

High yield and reproducible protein extraction from small tissue samples

Total protein was extracted into 270 μl of Total Protein Extraction Buffer B from ~15 mg of mouse heart muscle using either the t-PREP Biomarker Extraction System or a dounce homogenizer. Mean protein yield was 182.7 μg protein/mg tissue for the t-PREP system compared to 68.2 μg protein/mg tissue.