The miniTUBE is optimized for use with Focused-ultrasonicators to reproducibly shear genomic DNA into fragments ranging from 2 to 5 kb in size. Each type of miniTUBE (clear, blue or red) has a specific textured surface to provide the required shearing forces when used with the recommended AFA® settings. The shearing force is gentle and controlled to generate large DNA fragment with a tight fragment size distribution.

miniTUBE Clear 1.5-2.5kb

200 μl tube with AFA surface Engineered for 2 kb DNA fragments

miniTUBE Blue 3.0 kb

200 μl tube with AFA surface Engineered for 3 kb DNA fragments




miniTUBE Features and Benefits

Continuous isothermal controlNo heat damage so sample quality is preserved
Non-contact, closed vesselsNo cross contamination, clean-up, or aerosol formation
Accurate, Precise, Reproducible, and RobustProcesses and protocols are highly reproducible delivering exactly the size distribution needed for your application, so you have more DNA exactly the size you need with every experiment
GentleDNA is undamaged providing higher yields and better sensitivity in all downstream applications
Non-biasedMechanical shearing delivers DNA fragments unbiased by sequence context, GC content, or other factors, providing the best template for all sequencing applications

miniTUBE performance & applications

The performance of the miniTUBEs is highly reproducible and concentration independent. 2 replicates of 4 different concentrations of Lambda DNA were processed using the same settings. Results are from 0.6% agarose gel (insert) and Agilent Bioanalyzer 12k chip.

Fig 1: miniTUBE Clear 2 kb

Fig 2: miniTUBE Blue 3 kb

Fig 3: miniTUBE Red 5 kb