AFA-TUBE® Sonication Tubes

The AFA-TUBE is a specially engineered polymer vessel designed for DNA Shearing at sample volumes ranging from 10 to 20 μl with truSHEAR. It can be used to improve turnaround time and throughput on automation platforms in NGS workflows. This new format allows for use as typical labware; compatible with heat blocks, magnets, and thermocyclers. Both formats contain RFID for sample tracking, to be exclusively used with Covaris instruments.


Covaris engineered polymer plate for processing 8 to 96 samples with volume range 10 to 50 μl. RFID sample tracking enabled.


Covaris engineered polymer strip for processing up to 8 samples with volume range 10 to 50 μl. RFID sample tracking enabled.

Covaris Consumables Compatibility Guide


LE220/LE220-plus/LE220R-plus/LE220Rsc or LE-series


AFA-TUBE Features and Benefits

Multiple processes in a single vessel (e.g. shearing, non-contact mixing, lysis)Workflow simplification
Unique, engineered polymer for isothermal controlNo heat-induced bias or sample damage
RFID-based sample plate trackingSample chain of custody and multi-plate, batch processing
Uniformly distributed cavitation with AFA-energetics®Faster processing
Standard labware SBS-plate format designCompatible with most liquid handlers
Laser etched plastics without fiberEase of automation

AFA-TUBE NGS Workflows

Fig 1: AFA-TUBE workflow for the LE220-plus, LE220R-plus, LE220Rsc, and R230 instruments.

Highly Accurate & Reproducible Results with AFA-TUBE

Fig 2: LE220- Plus with 10 μl Sample Volume. Results show tight size distributions for 96 AFA-TUBE TPX Plate for expected target size 150 and 350 bp for 24 replicates each.

Extract HMW gDNA from Whole Blood

Fig 3: Size distribution profile of gDNA extracted (30 μL of whole blood) in the Covaris truPOP® Buffer using the high molecular weight (>20 Kb) extraction protocol. In scanning mode, processing time is 6 minutes for 96 samples.

Narrow Size Distribution of gDNA Fragments from gDNA

Fig 4: Using the two different formats and sealing options, DNA was analyzed with the Fragment Analyzer after shearing on the LE220-plus. Data is shown for the 8 AFA-TUBE TPX Strip and 96 AFA-TUBE Plate for 175 bp and 350 bp for 10 μl. Results show high reproducibility and accuracy for all three configurations.

Highly Reproducible DNA Fragmentation Direct from Whole Blood

Fig 5: Graph shows highly reproducible DNA fragmentation profiles (30 μL of whole blood) with low Coefficient of Variation. DNA fragment size modes are between 1 and 1.3 kb. Shearing to NGS compatible fragment size distributions (150 to 500 bp) can be achieved by adjusting the AFA conditions (not shown). High molecular weight DNA (40 kb) can be extracted by adjusting extraction buffer conditions (e.g. truPOP buffer from Covaris). Processing time is 30 seconds per column for 96 AFA-TUBE TPX Plate.