truChIP Chromatin Shearing Kit with Formaldehyde Case (10)

  • Application: Chromatin Shearing

The truChIP® Chromatin Shearing Kit with Formaldehyde is designed and optimized for the efficient and reproducible shearing of chromatin from cultured mammalian cells (suspension or adherent) using the Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology.

Kit contains truCHlP reagents, formaldehyde, and protocol for chromatin shearing of 10-30mm cells (High Cell; 15 samples) or 1-3mm cells (Low Cell; 50 samples). To be used with milliTUBE with AFA Fiber or microTUBE with AFA Fiber.

More Information
Technical SpecificationDescription
Part Number520155
ApplicationChromatin Shearing
Instrument CompatibilityLE220-plus, LE220R-plus, ME220, E220, E220evo, M220, S220