t-PREP Accessories

The accessories for the t-PREP Device are Covaris certified. They are designed to aid in the biomarker extraction process. These accessories support the use of the t-PREP Device as a part of your workflow. Learn more about the t-PREP accessories below.

Holder t-PREP

Processing device and holder for the S-Series Focused-ultrasonicators.

M220 Holder-XT t-PREP

This holder is designed for use with the t-PREP device and the M220 Focused-ultrasonicator.

t-PREP Biomarker Extractions System Starter Kit

This starter kit includes all of the t-PREP accessories and the t-PREP device to create a Biomarker Extractions System.

t-PREP Impactor

Manual Cryoprep Impactor specifically designed for use with the t-PREP devices.