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This unique online resource was created by Covaris specifically with our international representatives in mind. The Covaris International Representative Portal was designed to provide you with current product, application, marketing, pricing, and technical information.
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Notice: Covaris will no longer be selling the tissuePICK, sectionPICK and any related accessories. In place of the tissuePICK and sectionPICK, Covaris recommends a scalpel or razor blade to scrape material from slides. tissuePICK and sectionPICK Discontinuation Letter

Covaris International Representatives Meeting

Covaris hosted its APAC International Representatives Meeting on September 6th, 2020 and its EMEA International Distributors Meeting starting October 19th. Key international business leaders from around the world met for product and application training. Links to the presentation slides and videos are provided below.

2020 Price List

For 2020 Pricing information:

• For Americas and APAC contact Hamid Khoja • For APAC contact Bruce Zhang • For EMEA contact Gösta Schmitz

New Product Information

ML230 Focused-ultrasonicator

The newly released ML230 Focused-ultrasonicator can process up to 8 samples simultaneously. Developed for superior precision and accuracy, the new and advanced engineering designs enables easier maintenance and a user-friendly experience. The ML230 offers the best of Covaris’ innovations in the format of a compact multi-application platform.

Advantages of the new instrument include:

  • Increased throughput with parallel processing of up to 8 samples at a time.
  • Improved productivity with automated water management, simplified maintenance, and intuitive touchscreen control.
  • Highly tunable acoustic energy for sample processing volumes of 5 to 500 μL.
  • Calibrated to NIST traceable standards, enabling high quality, standardized results.
  • ML230 web page
  • ML230 one-pager

R230 Focused-ultrasonicator

The AFA-Revolution is a new class of Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator that can now be fully integrated on-deck in a liquid handler. The unique high-throughput sample processing capabilities of AFA-energetics® with AFA-TUBE™ plates, revolutionizes sample prep using precise tuneable energy in two modes: a conventional AFA indexing mode and a new proprietary AFA scanning mode. Scanning mode enables rapid sample batch treatment in Covaris-qualified 96, 384, and 1536 plate formats. Powered by the Gold Standard Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology, the R230 was designed to integrate onto many liquid handling platforms including Dynamic Devices, Hamilton, Tecan, PerkinElmer, Beckman Coulter, and Agilent. Significant time, money, and resources are invested into developing innovative automation workflows to increase throughput and improve analysis. Use the Covaris R230 AFA-Revolution to create new “best practices” performance standards for liquid handlers.

Instrument and Consumable Matrix

The Product Matrix matches Covaris AFA Focused-ultrasonictors with compatible consumables and associated racks & holders. Use this tool to configure AFA Focused-ultrasonicators for your application.​

Application Information

Planning a Covaris application presentation? Please use slides created by Covaris. Pick and choose as appropriate. If you have any questions email [email protected].​

Application Support

If you need further assistance our staff of Application Scientists, Engineers, and Technical Specialists are committed to providing you with prompt and professional support. If you have technical questions or concerns please contact us and let us assist you. For service and support for your Covaris instruments and consumables, contact: [email protected]. For Application Support, cont​act: [email protected]

Instrument Information

Notice: Starting November 1, 2018, we will only offer the LE220-plus Focused-ultrasonicator and we will discontinue delivering the previous generation LE220. LE220 Retirement Notice