American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) – Virtual
January 12, 2021

US HUPO – Virtual

This year’s US HUPO conference features a full program of outstanding plenary speakers, a great variety of 14 parallel scientific sessions and oral presentations, as well as educational short courses and topic-specific evening workshops. Our oral presentation sessions cover diverse and fascinating proteomic topics, such as ‘Single Cell proteomics’, ‘Cellular Signaling & Systems Biology’, ‘Omics of the Central Nervous System’, ‘Proteomics of Infectious Disease (COVID-19)’, ‘Biomarkers and Precision Medicine’, ‘Cardiovascular Proteomics’, ‘Technology Innovation in Multi-omics’, ‘Epigenetics and Chromatin Biology’, ‘Protein post-translational modifications’, ‘Top-down proteomics and native MS’, ‘Machine learning and computational proteomics’, ‘Multi-‘omics – Methods and Applications’, ‘New Strategies of Interactomics in Structural Biology’, and ‘Stem Cell proteomics and Chemical Proteomics in Drug Discovery’.