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Covaris AFA-energetics Enables True Automated Total Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Workflows from FFPE Tissues

A fully automated, high-throughput deparaffinization and total Nucleic Acids extraction and purification kit for FFPE samples



Woburn, MA – (February 7, 2022) – Covaris, LLC (“Covaris” or “the Company”), a manufacturer of advanced tools enabling life science innovations, announced the launch of a fully automated, high-throughput deparaffinization and total nucleic acids extraction kit for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. The truXTRAC FFPE Total NA Auto 96 Kit by Covaris is designed for use with high-throughput Covaris’ focused-ultrasonicator systems, and includes all reagents, consumables, and custom accessories used in the workflow that can extract and purify both RNA and DNA in five hours.


The Kit features a unique workflow powered by Covaris’ patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology that enables both extraction and purification of DNA and RNA – otherwise difficult to process from single FFPE samples. Compared to traditional processes involved in working with FFPE samples, the Kit workflow does not require use of any organic solvents such as xylene and hexadecane. Avoiding hazardous and harsh chemical both helps to ensure sample integrity and allows experiments to be completed without a chemical hood vent, which in turn eases compatibility with automated platforms. The Kit’s customized accessories allow each step within the workflow to be automated, and are compatible with most automated liquid handlers, on-deck or deck-adjacent instruments such as cappers/decappers, centrifuges, and Covaris’ R230 or the LE220 focused-ultrasonicators.


“FFPE samples contain high-value, unique biological information. However, conventional technologies constrain the fast gaining importance for an array of application types,” said Jim Laugharn, Founder and CEO of Covaris, LLC. “By differentially co-extracting high-yield, high-quality DNA and RNA in a high throughput format, researchers now can enjoy unique advantages resulting in generation of confident, meaningful results enabling medical and scientific communities.”


The truXTRAC FFPE Total NA Auto 96 Kit also has a corresponding manual version for laboratories not challenged with a high number of samples per day. The Auto 96 kit is scalable and can serve any research laboratory looking to increase throughput and productivity in analyzing DNA and RNA from FFPE samples, while ensuring robust, reliable, and reproducible results. For more information, visit


About Covaris

Based in Woburn, MA, Covaris develops, manufactures, and markets instruments, consumables, and reagents used in pre-analytical sample preparation for genomic and proteomic analysis to help accelerate the pace of research and life science innovations. Using proprietary technologies including focused acoustic energy, Covaris’ tools achieve highly accurate and reproducible results with the goal of empowering customers to make new discoveries, develop new assays and improve bioanalytical results. Some of the non-contact applications include faster automated DNA fragmentation, cell lysis, accelerated binding partner mixing, bead resuspension, and compound formulation.


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