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May 5, 2020
The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) – Virtual
January 12, 2021

SLAS2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition

Join our focus group, “Transform your proteomics workflow with Covaris AFA – your clinical samples deserve the best treatment!” on January 25th, 2021 3:00 to 3:30 pm EST. Covaris works with a wide range of chemistries and purification methods like SP3. A growing number of laboratories integrate Covaris for accurate, precise cell/tissue lysis (including FFPE) and protein processing. Spaces are limited and you must be registered as an attendee to join, sign up today to participate. 

Interested in a one-day sampletosequencer HTP workflow for ChIP or MeDIP in drug screening or diagnosticsUniversity of California San Diego’s Alon Goren, Ph.D., will be presenting “Automated High-throughput ChIP-seq Workflow using Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) System for Accelerated Epigenetic Drug Screening” on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM EST. 

At this year’s Product Showcase, we will introduce the true versatility of the R230 Focused-ultrasonicator. Whether you are working from mid to ultra-high throughput, the R230 can be used as a standalone instrument or can be integrated on the deck of your liquid handler. Visit our website for more information or chat with the experts by scheduling a meeting today!

The SLAS2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition welcomes scientists, engineers, academics, graduate students, post-docs and business leaders from academia, government and industry who want to immerse themselves in the latest life sciences discovery and technology research and new products. SLAS encourages all professionals and students interested in accelerating their knowledge — and career — to attend for dynamic scientific sessions, exhilarating keynotes, new product announcements, poster presentations and virtually-enhanced networking and partnering opportunities.