British Society for Proteome Research (BSPR) Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 Booth #2
June 22, 2022
Next-Generation Dx Summit 2022 Booth #108
June 23, 2022

EACR Cancer Genomics 2022 Booth #10

5 - 7 July, 2022

The EACR Conference on Cancer Genomics is now widely recognised as the premier European conference dedicated to cancer genomics. In 2022, after a 3-year break, it will again cover the latest exciting developments: single cell and spatial analysis of cancers, cancer immune genomics, data integration and convergence, DNA methylation, genomic instability and ctDNA.

Featuring an exceptional international faculty, extensive networking opportunities and a limited number of in person participants, this conference will provide both the possibility and intimate setting for top quality scientific interaction. We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford for this exciting meeting!