Covaris Consumable Shears DNA to 6kbp – 20kbp Fragments
December 30, 2011
Covaris Introduces Bench-top, AFA-based Process Technology
March 25, 2011

Covaris to Supply the BGI with High-Throughput DNA Shearing for Next-Generation Sequencing

Beijing, China and Woburn, Massachusetts, USA—July 11, 2011—BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) and Covaris, Inc. today announced a deal that will integrate Covaris’ Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ AFA™ DNA shearing technology across several BGI laboratories in China. BGI will utilize the Covaris LE220 parallel processing, multi-sample platform to fragment DNA samples for Next-Generation Sequencing.

“BGI will use Covaris instrumentation and consumables in our DNA library construction process. Our laboratories will process a large volume of samples on a daily basis, so the multi-sample format provided by the LE220 was a key consideration for us,” said Mr. Zongze Wu, Technical Engineer, DNA Library Construction Group at BGI. “The Covaris LE220 instrument offers both high-throughput capability and consistent high-quality results for our downstream applications”.

“Beijing Genomics Institute is a recognized world leader in the field of genomic research, and Covaris is delighted to be working together with BGI to provide researchers with high-throughput Next Generation sample preparation.” said Jim Laugharn, Covaris President and CEO. “High quality, reproducible sample preparation is the critical first step in improving down-stream analytical results. The unique and highly controlled Covaris systems set the standard for today’s rapidly advancing analytical technologies and sophisticated assays. For example, isothermal Covaris processes will be beneficial for proteomic-related studies such as ChIP”.

About LE220
The award winning LE220 high-performance focused ultra-sonicator is specifically designed for high-throughput operations (such as the Next-Gen Sequencing at BGI) that require high quality DNA shearing. The LE220 utilizes patented AFA technology to concurrently shear multiple DNA samples. AFA technology from Covaris improves recoveries, increases efficiency, and provides high-quality reproducible DNA shearing results.

About BGI
BGI ( was founded in Beijing on Sept 9th, 1999 with the mission of supporting the development of science and technology, building strong research teams, and promoting the development of scientific partnership in the genomics field. BGI has created a unique research center with industrialized infrastructure to support innovative development and applications. Sticking to principles of good faith and social responsibility, BGI has made substantial contributions in the fight against SARS and aided in disaster relief for the tsunami in Southeast Asia, all of which greatly enhanced the international reputation of China. Throughout its short history, BGI has created an institutional structure that is characterized by systematization and innovation, institutional integration, technological platform development, and product commercialization. This collaborative system, all of which is powered by the study of genomics, enables BGI to rapidly move from basic research to application.

About Covaris
Covaris, Inc. ( provides advanced sample preparation systems for life and analytical science. Covaris sample prep technologies support a wide variety of applications including Next-Generation Sequencing, ChIP, proteomics, formulations, and compound management. Our patented Adaptive Focused Acoustic™ (AFA™) technology is the industry standard for DNA shearing, and is used by major genome centers and academic institutions worldwide. AFA brings unsurpassed speed and efficiency to biological and chemical sample preparation. The AFA process, which is based on shock wave physics, delivers controlled, precise, and accurate acoustic energy to biological and chemical samples.

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