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January 23, 2006
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Covaris Introduces a Single Tube, Sample Preparation Series for the Focused Acoustic Energy Product Line

WOBURN, MA—August 12, 2003—At the Drug Discovery and Technology meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts today, James Laugharn, President of Covaris, Inc. announced the introduction of a new product line. The new line, the S-series, provides single sample preparation using the Covaris Process. Now there are two formats to provide controlled disruption, extraction, and dissolution for high performance sample preparation for biotechnology applications.

The new S-series are advanced instruments based on well developed technologies from both the medical diagnostic imaging and therapeutic ultrasound industries. Covaris systems precisely control high-frequency acoustic energy, thereby providing multiple, beneficial applications for biotechnology laboratories.

As bioanalytical techniques become more sophisticated and more sensitive, there are increasing demands on controlled sample preparation. For example, in testing for lead compounds in ADMET preclinical studies, accurate quantitation of the drug or metabolite distribution is dependent upon complete extraction from tissue samples. However, in drug development the tissue concentrations are not known and therefore, downstream results may be dramatically affected by an incomplete extraction. Initial sample preparation should not attenuate target molecule concentrations. The Covaris Process provides controlled disruption with extraction and stabilization to ensure the highest recoveries and precision.

The new instrument will come in several models, just as its predecessor the E-series, depending on application volumes and masses. The S-series products are adapted for standard laboratory tubes. Validated protocols for some of the commonly used applications developed for the E-series are included with the products, such as RNA, protein, and metabolite extraction from tissues and cells. In addition, users will have the capability to program custom applications. The unit is a small bench-top size with a footprint of 40 cm x 50 cm. The S-series is ideal for those laboratories that do not have high-throughput requirements, but require high performance sample preparation.

About Covaris:
Covaris, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1999 to develop instrument systems based on its proprietary, patent-pending, biophysical technology platform. The technology is based on focused acoustic energy and applications of shock wave physics for advanced and high-throughput applications in biology and medicine.

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