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August 12, 2003
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January 4, 2001

Covaris Introduces a High Performance Extraction and Dissolution System for Proteomics and Metabolic Profiling

WOBURN, MA—November 26, 2001—Covaris, Inc. announced today an innovation in sample preparation for proteomics; the science of the protein content of whole cells or tissues. The proteomics industry is expected to become at least as significant as the genomics market and predicted to grow to $2.5 billion by 2005. The new system is called the E100. This is a dedicated instrument using Covaris’ enabling technologies for High-Throughput Screening. “Researchers at biotechnology, genomics and pharmaceutical companies using our proprietary extraction and dissolution technologies can dramatically improve the throughput speed, increase recoveries and reduce the variability of results in numerous types of biological samples” said James Laugharn, President of Covaris. Furthermore Mr. Laugharn said that “The E100 is an ideal sample preparation station for laboratories using high-throughput protein factory technologies. After all, in high-throughput biology, metabolic profile variations should come from the samples, not from one of the processes to prepare the samples.”

As both analytical technologies become more sensitive and robotic controls allow higher sample processing throughput, demands on quality sample preparation become more important. The Covaris E100 instrument may become an industry standard to provide a novel, mechanical control of a currently uncontrolled process as High-Throughput applications that require controlled extracting, mixing, dissolving or resuspending can be standardized with the Covaris technology.

The E100 is a multi-use sample preparation system. Some specific applications of the E100 are: increasing plant and animal tissue metabolite extraction recoveries for LC/MS direct analysis, improving solubilization of protein complexes and aggregates for 2-D gel electrophoresis, and accelerating reagent dissolution. A key advantage of the technology is that the first and last samples receive identical process energy to ensure standardized, reproducible results.

About Covaris:
Covaris, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1999 to develop instrument systems based on its proprietary, patent-pending, biophysical technology platform. The technology is based on focused acoustic energy and applications of shock wave physics for advanced and high-throughput applications in biology and medicine.

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