Industry-Standard Covaris DNA Shearing Performance for Every Laboratory – Large or Small
February 15, 2012
Covaris to Supply the BGI with High-Throughput DNA Shearing for Next-Generation Sequencing
July 11, 2011

Covaris Consumable Shears DNA to 6kbp – 20kbp Fragments

g-TUBE, the latest innovation from Covaris, is a single-use consumable that enables scientists to shear genomic DNA into selected fragments sizes ranging from 6kbp to 20kbp. The only equipment needed is a compatible bench-top centrifuge and a pipette.

g-TUBE uses centrifugal force (the “g” in g-TUBE) to push the sample through a precisely manufactured orifice in the embedded ruby. This produces shearing forces in the sample that fragment the DNA. Fragment size is selected by adjusting the centrifuge rotor speed which alters the flow rate through the ruby and thus the shearing forces. Higher centrifugation RPM will produce shorter fragments and the protocol provide by Covaris contains the settings needed to select a fragment size between 6kbp and 20kbp.

Remarkably, the entire process takes only 3 minutes and up to 24 samples can be processed simultaneously.

Covaris now offers a complete range of products covering all sequencing needs from 100 bp to 20 kbp and consolidates its status as the DNA shearing gold standard.

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