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November 27, 2007
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Covaris Announces Supply and Distribution Agreement with Applied Biosystems

WOBURN, MA —November 13, 2007 —Covaris Incorporated today announced that it has entered into a supply and distribution agreement with Applied Biosystems. As part of the agreement, Applied Biosystems will sell and support Covaris™ S2 sample preparation instrument system for use with Applied Biosystems’ recently launched next-generation genetic analysis platform, the SOLiD™ System.

The Covaris sample preparation technology, which is based on its patented Adaptive Focused Acoustic™ technology, brings speed and efficiency to biological and chemical sample preparation.

The Covaris technology accelerates next-generation DNA sequencing sample preparation. The technology involves bead handling, and fragment and mate-pair library compilation to accelerate bead reaction and DNA shearing, which enables the generation of up to 35 base pairs of sequence data.

“Our relationship with Covaris has helped us to develop the most robust, accurate, and highest-throughput genetic analysis platform in the marketplace today to help our customers take advantage of the emerging applications for next-generation DNA sequencing,” said Kim Caple, vice president and general manager for Applied Biosystems’ next-generation sequencing business. “Covaris provides a reliable system for biological sample preparation that is an integral part of the SOLiD System workflow.”

According to Jim Laugharn, President and CEO of Covaris, “This agreement reflects the fundamental benefits the Covaris technology has for biological and chemical sample processing. For example, this versatile instrument can be used for both high intensity shearing of genomic DNA with one sample and for controlled, gentle mixing of enzymatic reaction beads in the next sample.

“Partnering with a life sciences industry leader such as Applied Biosystems enables Covaris to continually bring advanced tools to the market,” said Laugharn.

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Covaris, Inc. is a rapidly growing life science instrument company. Its proprietary instrument platform, based on patented Adaptive Focused Acoustic (AFA) technology brings unsurpassed speed and efficiency to biological and chemical sample preparation. The AFA process, based on shock wave physics, delivers controlled, precise, and accurate energy to biological and chemical samples. The process is non-contact, isothermal, and rapid. Leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide are using Covaris instruments for RNA extraction, Compound Dissolution, Drug Metabolism tissue extraction, and much more. Information about Covaris is available at

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