Superior FFPE Extractions with truXTRAC FFPE Kits

Superior FFPE Extractions with truXTRAC FFPE Kits

As advances in clinical molecular pathology continue, there is an increasing need for reliable Formalin-fixed, Paraffin-embedded (FFPE) extraction methods. However, DNA and RNA extraction from FFPE samples can be challenging and labor-intensive, often resulting in degraded and fragmented nucleic acids. Given the precious nature of the sample, the ability to differentially co-extract high-yield and high-quality DNA and RNA from the sample input provides a tremendous advantage.

Covaris is excited to offer a line of FFPE extraction kits, especially as FFPE methods are becoming the preferred way to archive clinical tissue biopsy samples for histopathological diagnosis. The Covaris truXTRAC® FFPE kits offer hands-free paraffin removal, high DV200 RNA scores, and are ideal for low sample inputs. AFA (Adaptive Focused Acoustics®) enables the active removal of paraffin from FFPE tissue samples in an aqueous buffer, allowing simultaneous tissue rehydration. Compared to traditional passive, chemical-based methods of paraffin removal, this mechanical process is not as limited by the thickness of FFPE tissue sections.

Did you know that, when tested against other kits, the Covaris truXTRAC FFPE DNA, RNA and tNA kits were found to be among the top performers? The truXTRAC DNA Kit was found to produce higher yields and more intact DNA than competitor kits, while the truXTRAC RNA kit performed better at identifying undetected fusion genes than with other kits.1

Read the full paper published by Kresse in PLOS ONE: Evaluation of Commercial DNA and RNA Extraction Methods for High-Throughput Sequencing of FFPE Samples1

Kresse states that:

  • Simultaneous DNA and RNA extraction protocol performed just as well or even better than the truXTRAC protocols performed separately
  • truXTRAC kits had the highest percentage of unique read-pairs, thus providing a higher library complexity
  • DNA from the Covaris kit gave higher yield and more intact DNA fragments

Covaris truXTRAC kits enable researchers to extract high-quality DNA, RNA, or proteins from FFPE tissue samples. With a simple, easy-to-use workflow, superior extraction from slides and cores, and increased library complexity, your NGS workflow will outperform your FFPE extraction expectations!

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  1. Kresse SH, Namløs HM, Lorenz S, et al. Evaluation of commercial DNA and RNA extraction methods for high-throughput sequencing of FFPE samples. PLoS ONE. 2018;13(5):e0197456.