A seasonal message from Jim Laugharn, CEO

A seasonal message from Jim Laugharn, CEO



To our Valued Customers,

Thank you very much for your contributions to global clinical and basic research success this year. 2018 was the Year of Automation for Covaris as you adopted our newest automation friendly platforms including the LE220-plus and LE220R-plus and the complimentary oneTUBE 8-strip and 96 well plate. The oneTUBE and LE220-plus series improves upon our market-leading tightest distribution of DNA fragments, highest recoveries, fast turnaround time, and automation compatibility.

We have found that Covaris patented AFA technology is also the best technology for standardizing extraction. This year we released the larger format column and magnetic bead-based FFPE extraction kits for total nucleic acids, DNA, RNA, protein, and chromatin. Our FFPE kits are fully automatable, offer industry lowest QNS rates, highest DV200 scores, and have been implemented by the top clinical genomics companies in the world.

2019 will be the Year of High Throughput Automation for Covaris. We are further developing the oneTUBE product line for additional applications, 384, and 1536 well plates. We will introduce AFA-scanning as a more efficient means of acoustic energy delivery as well as an AFA-platform for integration with most liquid handlers. Applications include faster automated DNA fragmentation, cell lysis, mixing, bead mixing and resuspension, and compound formulation. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these offerings or if you would like to partner to develop new applications. We wish you the best for the upcoming year.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!