Automated Sample Preparation Integration

Covaris AFA® platform technology can be integrated into automated sample preparation workflows for a variety of applications. Our automation portfolio includes instrumentation, consumables, and software for effective and seamless integration with automation and liquid handling systems.

Simplified High-throughput Biology Solutions for Sample Preparation

Integrated Workflow Processes with Automation Instruments

LE220R-plus Focused-ultrasonicator

The LE220R-plus is the robotic version of the LE220-plus, featuring a light curtain to allow safe robotic arm access. Partial plate to full plate processing in a single batch with scheduled system set-ups for degassing, chilling, and automated water level adjustments allow for easy and flexible set-up.

R230 Focused-ultrasonicator

The R230 is a new class of Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator that can be fully integrated on-deck in a liquid handler. The unique high-throughput sample processing capabilities of AFA-energetics® with AFA-TUBE® plates, revolutionizes sample prep using precise tuneable energy in two modes: a conventional AFA indexing mode and a new proprietary AFA scanning mode. Scanning mode enables rapid sample batch treatment in a Covaris-qualified 96 well plate format (384 and 1536 plate formats in development).
See the data by downloading our R230 Technical Data Sheet.

Automated Sample Preparation Consumables

To facilitate the use of automated liquid handling and laboratory robotics with AFA-based sample preparation, Covaris has developed 8 strip and plate-based products, including the AFA-TUBE TPX, that incorporate advanced sealing technologies. This suite of automation-compatible acoustical cuvettes is optimized for both access by liquid handler tips and for integration with standard laboratory automation. Complies with the ANSI/SBS 4-2004 standard for 96 well microplates.

AFA-TUBE TPX Features and Benefits:

  • Specially engineered polymer construction with conical bottom and integrated cavitation sites are heat block and thermocycler compatible
  • Acoustic cavitation sites mean no more fibers
  • Single consumable can be used across multiple steps in your workflow; for example, AFA-TUBE TPX can be used for DNA shearing followed by end repair or A-Tailing and adapter ligation.
  • High-throughput capabilities with 96 and 384 plates (inquire about 1536)
  • Ideal for 5 to 50 μl volumes

Automation Friendly microTUBEs

Features and Benefits:

  • Thin foil is designed for ease of automated pipetting and is less prone to clogging
  • H-Slit microtubes are designed to fold away with automated pipetting and reseal after tip removal
  • Glass consumable tube dimensions are the same as the plates

Universal Clamp & Automation Adaptors

To simplify automating AFA consumables, Covaris has developed a clamp system to hold microTUBE and AFA-TUBE TPX plates on deck during all pipetting steps. This is a two-part system which includes a universal clamp and automation adaptor (robot specific). The clamp system prevents plates from lifting off the deck of a liquid handler when the tips are withdrawn from the seals.

Automated Plate Transfers

The Covaris Universal Clamp and corresponding automation adapters allow for easy automated sample transfer. The two-part system is designed to hold microTUBE and AFA-TUBE 8-strip racks and plates on the liquid handling deck during pipetting steps and ensures plates stay in place when piercing foil seals. Post sample preparation, the clamp system can be easily removed from the liquid handling deck.

Automated Sample Preparation Software

SonoLab Software is used to control Covaris’ Focused-ultrasonicator instruments for the processing of biological or chemical samples. The proprietary software provides a user interface for manual control of the instrument, as well as an “integration interface” and an API for automation integration.
Covaris offers an Automation Integration Package that includes an API developer’s kit to enable users to easily integrate Covaris instruments with current liquid handling systems and other laboratory robotic automation. The package also contains instructions and supporting documentation for the use of Covaris instruments, in addition to:
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Automation Partners & Collaborations

Covaris is looking to collaborate with leading life science and diagnostic companies to offer custom automation sample preparation solutions across a range of applications for the acceleration of basic research and clinical workflows.
Watch how Covaris can benefit automation partnerships:

Covaris and PerkinElmer Combined Automation Solutions for Sample Prep

Incorporating Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator into a Fully Automated Diagnostic NGS Workcell. Presented by Devin Rhodenizer MB(ASCP)CM, PMP ARUP Laboratories